Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Turning Japanese

Below is an interesting article concerning Japanese men called soushoku danshi. This translates into “grass eater.” These are Japanese men who are not interested in chasing women or material wealth. They just live for themselves and enjoy their own hobbies (such as playing video games). Of course, this has Japanese women in an uproar. How dare these men live life for themselves! Who do they think they are?


We are starting to see a similar trend in the United States. Many young guys are determining that it is just not worth it to follow the traditional path. If the government despises such men, why should they work hard to maintain the society?


  1. Seems a bit similar to the mgtow trend in the west. In the workplace there is definitely a view that young-white-heterosexual-men are something that should be replaced whenever possible. It's an ongoing discussion here in sweden about equality in the workplace and equality always means that the above category should be replaced. I sometimes wonder why I should struggle as hard as my forefathers when the guys on welfare almost have the same things more or less, minus the stress.


  2. Yeah, the anti White (and Asian) Male bias is now pretty obvious. But I think the cultural Marxists have overplayed their hand as people are beginning to wake up.

  3. Read the post by 'Gizmodo' about 3/4 of the page down ...


  4. Really enjoyed the video, BTW.

    I wish men would tell the world to fuck off.

  5. I, for one, give the world the middle finger.
    I'm off the Matrix.

    I'm a ghost and I tell the world to fuck off..


  6. Apparently, it's not what you may think:

    Anyway, it's a crappy song.