Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2D Love

Here is a funny, but sad, story of Japanese men who fall in love with anime characters. It seems that a sizable portion of men in Japan are unable to find real women who are attracted to them. As such, they turn to inanimate objects in an attempt to find love.

As women are gaining more independence from men, they are no longer forced to “settle” for the type of guys described in this article. So you have 80% of the women attracted to 20% of the most desirable men. And while the top guys enjoy that situation, many men are starting to fall through the mating selection cracks. These men are simply giving up on women. And for a society, that tends to create various strange and sometimes violent pathologies.

So while it is easy to make fun of such guys, it is actually a sad situation. Such men are lonely and have lost hope of finding real women who will love them. Some turn to 2D love. And other guys (such as the Virginia Tech shooter) turn violent.


  1. I'm at a loss to see how this will all play out. Violence, forced labour camps, war or maybe its just natures way of getting rid of the dead wood.

  2. In part it is about getting rid of the dead wood, and it has been nature's way for a long time. But the issue with that approach is that it doesn't really provide for civilization to thrive.

    My guess is that we will see technological changes come that change the game, again, before we see mass violence or forced labor.