Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And the War Continues

I saw the other day that we lost some more men in Afghanistan. This is an important war to defend our country from communism. Or terrorism. Or whatever. Didn’t the Soviets fight in Afghanistan a few years ago? The wars for freedom get confusing.

Fred Reed had an interesting article concerning war.

And of course “your country” doesn’t tell you anything at all. Countries are abstractions. Men tell you to go, and for their own purposes: Dick Cheney or George Bush, Nixon or Nitze, or the men who run the petroleum industry, or people in the Israeli lobby, or men in the military companies who want contracts, or officers who want to give war a try.

Why are these people “my country”? And why isn’t Joan Baez my country instead of David Petraeus? I will choose who is my country, thank you. Ledbelly, Benny Goodman, Carl Perkins and Miss Emily Anne will come before Lemay, McNamara, Lyndon Johnson, and Obama. Long before.


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  1. We are there because the terrorists are trying to steal our precious bodily fluids.