Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coach Fired After Parents Drink beer

One of the things I hate is a “zero tolerance” policy that is found in many schools. While such a policy may sound good in theory, it typically results in zero intelligence. One of the reason we hire school administrators is to exercise judgment concerning issues.

In the article below, a high school softball coach was fired based on a “zero tolerance” policy. The coach was good with the kids and never did anything inappropriate. However, at the end of the year he had a barbeque at his house. He invited the team and their parents. While he served no beer, it seems that some of the parents brought some beer to the party. No beer was served to any of the kids. And, yet, because this was considered an official school event, the coach was fired because alcohol was at the event.


  1. Very good video. This is such a depressing case. From the article he worked so hard to bring the team success. I hope they accept his appeal.

  2. I also hope the school is able to get beyond the “zero tolerance” tyranny and do what is right.