Sunday, July 12, 2009

Did Diversity Kill Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, is reportedly under investigation for improperly administrating drugs to MJ which may have caused his death. It seems that Dr. Conrad Murray medical expertise is questionable based on his actions.

Dr. Conrad Murray may be a qualified doctor. Or he might be the result of pressure for a medical school to meet diversity goals. As Thomas Sowell has noted (Sowell is African American), one of the problems with affirmative action (aka diversity goals) is that it leads to questions if the person is actually qualified to do the job.

One of the fundamental questions that face our society is if we should judge people based on their merit or based on their race or sex. If we judge strictly based on merit, we will not have equal outcomes. If we give positions based on hidden quotas, we increase tribalism and resentment.

This was an issue in California as universities were activity excluding Asians based on their race.

It is interesting that affirmative action and “diversity goals” seems to only be tolerated in one direction. For example, NBA teams are under no political pressure to make their teams more diverse by adding White players. In fact, the Indian Pacers are under criticism (see link below) because 50% of their team is White. As 90% of the NBA is Black, a team that is 50% White is looked at suspiciously.


  1. Sssshhh that might be contrued as racial vilification, everybody knows white men can't jump......

  2. I am a Denver Broncos fan, and their best running back last year was a White guy named Peyton Hillis. He is also faster than most of the other (African-American) backs.

    So, in general, Blacks can run faster than Whites. But there are always exceptions.

    In academics, Whites, Indians and Asians tend to dominate mathematics and the sciences. However, there are always exceptions. However, the exceptions don’t invalidate the general rule.