Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Every Girl – 2009 BET Awards

There was some controversy at the 2009 Black Entertainment TV (BET) awards. The show was dedicated to Michael Jackson, so it attracted much publicity.

The controversy started when rapper Lil’ Wayne sang his song Every Girl. While performing this song, they had a bunch of school age girls up on stage dancing to the song. Some people felt the lyrics were inappropriate for little girls. Others thought he was just “keeping in real."

I personally had no problem with the show. I would like to see such shows get more exposure.


  1. Nice glasses Paul! Go Bold!

  2. This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time :) love the tie.

  3. Funny stuff. But on a serious note, be careful about equating Lil' Wayne and the like with "black." He typifies southern ghetto culture, not black culture.

    It is no different than if someone equated whiteness with the hillbillies from Hee Haw.

    To do otherwise is to perpetuate a false stereotype.

  4. Yeah, actually I found the story because many blacks were offended by his behavior on BET.

  5. Best IM video I've seen yet. Good lord, what a travesty.

    What makes it all the more horrific is all the BET Awards ads I saw with Jamie Foxx saying "It's not a black thing, it's a family thing". Frankly, I'd rather watch porn with my family because at least that would put it in perspective.

  6. You know, Jezebel is the last site I would ever want to link to but here it is if you want to see the video:

    I hope this dispels any notion that rappers might have "talent" that can be displayed on a live stage, and also that blacks in general have any kind of "culture" worth celebrating.

    I mean, you'd think that in the Age of Obama, blacks would try to display some respectability or at least make an effort to maintain a modicum of decency in their self-defining flagship awards show.

    Instead they seem to be pushing the envelope of amorality, and devolving further into an utterly savage separatist culture. I'm not at all surprised by the blacks who watched this and felt humiliated to be represented in this fashion. What surprises me is that the presumably intelligent, connected, and culturally "aware" leaders who put this show together didn't realize that this act was an absolute travesty.

  7. Oh my, Lil' wang the rapper offended people! What next?