Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The government's war on obesity

Part of the problem with government health care is the emphasis it places on “prevention.” And while prevention might be fine in theory, in reality is just becomes money spent of PSA ads lecturing us about our diet. I think most people would rather to forego the lectures and have the money be spent of real research to finding cures.


No doubt that Americans are obese. But most people are smart enough to know why they are obese – they eat too much food. There is no need to waste taxpayer dollars to preach to these people.

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  1. Very good video & story. I can't believe they intend to do this. $1 billion.

    I agree, everything's a trade off. Even what they intend to do here. Let's say by some miracle all people suddenly change, start eating copious servings of fruits vegetables - they're also increasing their exposure to dangerous pesticides. Then won't the gov't need more money for education and healthcare if cancer & other health problems start appearing? Then more money toward organic farming, research, etc.

    By spreading propaganda about obesity (especially to children & teens) how do they know they won't inadvertently increase the number of cases of anorexia and bulimia? Then they'll need even more money on education and healthcare to "battle" that issue.

    Don't agree with the smoking part. But going helmetless I'm ok with, creates jobs (accident scene clean up crews to scrape brains/hair off pavement).

    Sorry for the long post, this just concerns me. If all the fat people are gone I'll have nothing to look at when I go to the grocery store.