Saturday, July 4, 2009


It seems that NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd has freaked out because Sarah Palin has resigned. Maureen Dowd was the author of the book, “Are Men really Necessary?” Pretty much Dowd has spent her life complaining that she could never catch a man because men are intimidated by her success and intelligence. Yeah, that must be the reason Maureen.

The fact that Palin was successful and powerful and yet was still able to marry and have a large family sends poor Maureen Dowd into a rage. Sarah Palin pretty much invalidates Dowd’s entire thesis.

I don’t blame Palin for getting out of politics. As the mainstream media is too frightened to criticize Obama, she bore the brunt of their jokes. Now that she is gone, I am not sure who they are going to target.


  1. Woot! A Paul-rant! Nicely done. Mo Dowd totally was marriagable when she was younger. Heck even now. She picked too much.

  2. Excellent rant, and funny. Really enjoyed this one.

  3. Maureen O'Dowd was and is a mistake.
    Probably the only one God ever made.
    Oh wait, I forgot about Andrea Dworkin, Betty Friedan and ... and ... sheesh, God must be having an off day if He made so many mistakes!