Friday, July 10, 2009


The news of the day is the scandal of Obama supposedly looking at the butt of a 17 year old girl at the G8 summit. The story has been prominently featured on the Conservatives are feigning outrage at this incident. Of course, any straight man does look at attractive women. Any guy that suggests otherwise is either lying or he is gay. (Of course, Matt Drudge is a homosexual. So maybe he is not being hypocritical.)

For you forensic experts, here is the actual video of the incident. In real time it does not looks so bad.

As a society we are schizophrenic concerning underage girls and sex. We pretend to act SHOCKED and OUTRAGED when an older man looks at a 16 or 17 year old girl. And then we have female cheerleading coaches creating routines such as demonstrated in the following video.


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  2. By the film, by the angle of his eyes and what he was doing (helping the lady in the white skirt down the step) I really don't think he was looking at her butt, not even a little. In any case I wonder why people expect him to no longer be a man, a human being? He's not a robot, I'm sure he's looked at many women since he took office.

    They need to gripe about important things, this and the whole dijon mustard incident are just so stupid.

    I can't believe parents let their daughters do that in cheerleading. Don't they even attend the games and see what they're doing? Here do a porn dance in front of 100s of boys in mid puberty. If I had a daughter I'd shave her head and give her boys clothes until she left for college ha

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  5. Um.

    The point is that the age "cut off" is arbitrary. The young woman he was looking at was a young woman, not a girl.

    That was the point of this vlog, and it went sailing right over your head.

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