Friday, July 3, 2009

Public Enemies Review

I saw the John Dillinger movie, Public Enemies, this afternoon. The reviews looked great. And I usually love gangster movies. So my expectations were high. Unfortunately, I found the dialog and the acting to be rather stilted. I actually burst out laughing during scenes that were meant to tug at the heartstrings. Of course, it could just mean that I am a heartless bastard.

As the movie was rather dull, I rememberd the old John Dillinger urban myth that he had a giant penis that was later sent to the Smithsonian Institute. That myth originated back in the 1930s with this newspaper photo of the corpse of Dillinger.

The urban myth was actually more interesting than the movie.


  1. It's really disappointing that so many of the summer movies so far have had the same type issues (crummy script, poor acting/direction). I liked the way you described which type of Indian lol

  2. for a big budget hollywood director, Michael Mann can be pretty unconventional. Personally, as one who is into filmmaking, I appreciate that about him. A lot of people hated "Miami Vice" and it's grainy, digital aesthetic, along with some cold distant acting, but I felt it was a welcome departure from the usual hwd gloss. I hear "Public Enemies" was done in a similar vein. I'm looking forward to checking it out (on a nice hot day for the AC, lol), though I can understand where the normal movie goer might be put off by his work. Worse come to worse, Tommy guns are cool as sh*t! 3 out of 5 ain't all bad.