Sunday, August 30, 2009

500 Days of Summer movie Review

500 Days of Summer is a new romantic comedy that was released this weekend. While I usually hate romantic comedies, I heard that this one was more in the off-beat style of Groundhog Day. While it was not as good as Groundhog Day, I must admit that it did not follow the same usually romantic comedy formula. As the narrator said at the opening on the movie, 500 Days of Summer is not really a love story. It is more of a story of a guy who puts a woman on a pedestal and has his dreams crushed. As such, it is actually somewhat a good cautionary tale for young men.

The creator of the movie admitted the movie was about a relationship in his life. (He had a funny tag line at the beginning of the movie.)


  1. Frankly horrified & disgusted you chose to see boy romance over District 9. I'm going to go hammer some nails, grow a beard, watch some John Wayne.

  2. Hey, play nice or I will go John Wayne on you. ;-)

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