Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chick Crack

Here is a feel good story out of England. Nileen Namita, single mom of three, wisely spent the equivalent of $400,000 over the past 20 years for plastic surgeries. It seems that Nileen had odd dreams when she was young. And the only logical explanation for these dreams was that she was the reincarnated Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. The odds that the ancient queen would reincarnate into a middle aged British woman seem amazing! But it obviously must be true based on her psycho-therapist.

And, of course, the 49 year old Nileen is pulling the old, “I really look like I am 25 years old” card. And, Nileen, if you should read this blog, please stop saying such silly things. It is embarrassing for all of us middle-aged people. We all pretty much look our age. And if you really think you look like you are 25, please look at a picture of an actual 25 year old girl (see below) and compare it to yours. I no longer look 25. And neither do you.

This story also illustrates how so many middle-aged women just love psycho-babble and pseudo-science such as reincarnation, Tarot cards, astrology, palm reading, etc. In common vernacular this is known as “chick crack.” For some reason these sorts of mystical fads always entice older women. I guess younger women are too busy having fun. And men end up with their own weird hobbies such as sports or video games.

49 year old Woman that claims she looks 25 years old.

A real 25 year old French singer:


  1. Chick crack is a good term. There's also another one that would apply here.. butterface.

    Shame on all the men who encouraged this crazy old lady.

    I like your haircut by the way, very nice! :)

  2. LOL - Everything looks good "but her face." You are so evil. ;-)

    And thanks about the hair. So of my worst mistakes in lfe have been a haircut. I think my new lights make my hair look better.

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