Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A couple of items in the news today.

The first was in regards to Miley Cyrus performing at the Teen Choice Awards. It seems that 16 year old Miley danced on an ice cream cart with a stripper pole. There has been lots of buzz of this being an example of how Disney sexualizes children.

Then there was the story of Hillary Clinton having a fit because someone asked her what her husband thought.

Forgetting the politics, it is interesting to observe how women transform during their lives. I always admire women who are able to keep a youthful sense of joy and wonder.


  1. Hillary is 62 so I guess I'd expect her to have an attitude of a 60 year old. Maybe she was mad that Bill was off with 2 cute Asian girls :)

    To me the Miley performance was as sexy as opening a can of soup, it was the antisex. The part with the pole was unremarkable. She really puts off such a strong butch vibe. I'll have to give you the link to it.

  2. Hillary might wish she has those two Asian girls. Rumor has it that Hillary has been recently sexually involved with various women.

    I don’t blame Hillary for getting old. After all, unless we should die early that is a fate that waits all of us. But I find it interesting how age tends to blur the sex roles. So many older men start to look, and act, like women. And women tend to gain masculine traits such as a deeper voice, etc. The former “girlish” nature that was probably in Hillary is now long dead. She is now just another cranky old woman.

    I did not watch Miley’s dance. But young girls don’t exactly have to be talented dancers to radiate sexuality.

    The fact that Miley’s is now attempting to capitalize on her sexuality is not surprising. She is starting to outgrow the role of a tween girl pop star. She is now trying to establish herself as an adult.

    Hopefully her father will be able to help guide her so she does not end up like a skank such as Brittney Spears or Lindsey Lohan. But the fact she was doing a pole dance doesn’t really shock me.

  3. I wouldn't hold my breath on her father helping to keep her on track. His own career is semi-washed-up, and Miley is his future financial gravy train really. He has every incentive to let her become a pop tart, and I suspect that the increasingly sexualized pictures and performances of her are part of a bigger plan of which her father is an active player.

    The dance wasn't that sexual, but the idea of a 16 year old girl dancing with a stripper pole is pushing it. Her recent pictures in a popular magazine were also pushing it, including one with her lying on a table in a classic "take me, now!" pose. She is in the process of transitioning away from being a kid star to being a pop tart.