Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dating Game From Hell

Charles Manson and George Sodini were both psycho mass killers. Beyond that the similarities end. Manson is a little man that is only 5’2”s tall. Sodini was a tall guy that was a weight lifter. Manson was a druggie criminal who rarely had two dollars to his name. Sodini had a respectable job and was able to save $250,000. Manson was considered to be a psycho asshole for most of his life. Sodini was always considered to be a nice guy that played by the rules.

Given all of that, Sodini was unable to find a girl willing to give him the time of day over the past 20 years. Manson had a harem of women that were willing to do ANYTHING for him.

Girls R CRAZY.

George - celibate for 20 years:

Charles - had a harem of young girls willing to kill for him.


  1. De mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est.

  2. When you put it that way the irony is too much. Sodini did have social problems but 50 years ago he might have had more help from nosy neighbors and friends. It does speak to our society not being involved enough in people's lives.

  3. Bloody Brilliant. You outdid yourself with this one Paul!