Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Democrat stages attack on Colorado's Democratic HQ

The night that Ted Kennedy died, the Colorado’s Democratic Party’s HQ windows were smashed. The chairwoman of Colorado’s Democratic Party was quick to blame the incident on “hate.” Today Maurice Schwenkler (see picture below) was arrested as being the culprit. Is Maurice a member of a hate group such as the Skinheads? Nope. Is Maurice some sort of disgruntled Republican? Nope. Maurice Schwenkler is a known operative for the Democratic Party. It seems that Maurice staged this attack in hopes of smearing the Republican Party.

As Ted Kennedy was one of the leading figures that helped establish Cultural Marxism as the dominate ideology of America, it is fitting that a politically staged crime would occur. Such an event is very Soviet in nature.

Gone are the days in which America championed the rights and liberties of the individual. Under Ted Kennedy’s direction, we are now a nation that celebrates the collectivist notion of racial and sexual politics. Such Marxist concepts such as racism, sexism, etc. are now accepted as the ultimate evils by both the Democrat and Republican Parties.

Our little Che Guevara:

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