Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dumbing Down of The West

Below is an amusing story of how a British kid received GCSE credit for riding a bus. The GCSE are standardized tests that are often requirements for university acceptance. They are somewhat similar to the United States SAT and ACT tests.

In order to ensure equal outcomes (usually due to demands to meet diversity quotas) these standardized tests have been dumbed down across the West. Admittance to university was usually only achievable by the brightest of our young. Now universities pretty much accept anyone, especially if it meets some diversity goal.



  1. Big congratulations to your daughter!
    Didn't think guys your age still peed standing up.

  2. Guys my age are just happy they can still pee!

  3. It's coming soon, you can't really trust parents to teach these things to their children. The State will handle it from now on.