Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mayoral Candidate Wants Creationism Exhibit

One of the candidates (Anna Falling) for the Mayor of Tulsa is campaigning on including a creationism exhibit at the Tulsa Zoo. As Tulsa has experienced severe budgetary problems recently, the probable cause seems to be that we as citizens of Tulsa have dishonored God.

When asked by the media why she chose to emphasize this exhibit as part of her campaign, Anna responded -

"Some may ask why this issue during a Mayoral campaign? And I say why not?"

I must admit that I am a sucker for women with such intellectual powers of reasoning. Anna continued -

"Today we are announcing that God will be glorified in this city. He shall not be shunned. Upon our election, we hereby commit to honoring Him in all ways that He has been dishonored," said Anna Falling.

Amen Anna! That is why I am campaigning to have the Finnish creation theory also presented as an exhibit in the zoo. Kids need to be exposed to competing theories. And I have found many kids are not even aware that the Earth may have been created from a bird laying an egg.

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  1. Must have missed the news that they legalized recreational drugs in Tulsa. Congratulations.