Monday, August 3, 2009


TWITS is the new term for 'Teenage Women In Their Thirties.’ Basically this term describes older women who pretend that they are teenagers. While I am a Libertarian and I don’t really care what people do, these women do run the risk as being seen as somewhat pathetic.

Women that are over 30 can be quite beautiful and fun. I don’t believe that there is any need to such women to pretend they are back in High School. It has been my experience that people seem more attractive and happy when they are comfortable with their age.,27574,25869964-36398,00.html


  1. Yessss. We needed more dumb acronyms. This must be Aussie cougar or milf? Can't imagine what they see in the club scene but if it makes them happy, live and let live.

    I'm stuck at 11. Eat cap'n crunch & watch cartoons, play games at home. Unfortunately that's just considered a loser, universal no acronym.
    peace & quiet > humping drunk kid

  2. Basically, these are women who are not interested in being knocked up. They are doing what they enjoy doing. I guess the only thing pathetic envious married people (do they think they still live in the 19th century?!)(a man has to be retarded to get married in the current legal environment), can do is call men and women who opt out of the system to pursue things they enjoy, "immature".