Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Babies R Racist

Children's Research Lab at the University of Texas has determined that even babies are racially aware. Of course, Newsweek thinks this is a tragedy. But is it?

As race is just an extension of family, it should not be surprising that children instinctively prefer those who look like them. And it is considered healthy for non-white people to be proud of their race and heritage. Just recently the Supreme Court nominee, Sotomayor, related how she was proud of her Hispanic heritage. And it seems that every other day is a celebration of some “African American” moment. However, it is considered uniquely wicked and evil for White people to be proud of their heritage.

Below is a link of an English girl who was arrested for racism. She was tasked with working on a group project in school. She asked the teacher if she could change groups, because she was the only one in her group that spoke English. He teacher responded by calling the police. The police arrested her for racism and she spent 3 hours in a cell.

Maybe the British police will soon arrest babies.


  1. There is some truth to what you say. However, racial minorities with a history of social degradation showing racial pride is different than whites with a history of racial supremacy showing racial pride. One is born of a history oppression and the other of an oppressive history. That's why the double standard exists. This is not to say that the double standard is correct however.

  2. it's finally come out in Newsweek that Santa Claus is a brotha. Can't believe it took them 6 pages of nonsense to get to the most important part.

    You should be proud of your heritage Ramzpaul. Santa doesn't visit the houses of lil crackers though.

  3. Contrarian –

    I disagree with your premise that Whites have exclusively acted poorly in the past. Pretty much all races have engaged in morally objectionable practices such as slavery and genocide. For example, pre-Columbian native people engaged in slavery, genocide and even cannibalism.

    Of course, we tend to look past on the past through the lens of modern morality. What we might find objectionable today, was considered just natural to people of years ago. And all people (no matter their race) engaged in pretty vicious behavior.

  4. Hitsumori –

    It is not nice to be mean to your elders. If you are naughty Santa will bring you another lump of coal.

  5. Wow.

    And there I was thinking that racism was a social construct, taught by society ...

    Wonder who taught me that?