Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How To Stop Domestic Violence

Below is a link to a BBC article which discusses the high incidence of domestic Violence between British teenagers.

Of course the official solution is to spend more money on “education” and “awareness” and other bullshit that has consistently failed.

The reason that more laws and more education is doomed to fail is because of examples such as Chris Brown and Rihanna.

In a well publicized incident that I am sure most people are aware of, Chris Brown (a famous singer) brutally beat up Rihanna. Rihanna is a young and pretty girl who obviously has many guys would love to be with her. And yet despite all of her options, Rihanna chose to go back to Chris Brown after he beat her to a pulp. He bashed her face in. She rewarded him with sex.

As long as girls reward thuggish behavior with sex, such violence will continue and increase. The promise of sex will trump a million domestic violence workshops and candle light vigils. To reduce domestic violence girls need to avoid violent men. The problem is that many girls find violent men to be “sexy” and “exciting.”


  1. The pic on the right is post-beating? I thought it was just what she looked like without her makeup.

  2. What did you expect from Rihanna? She's a nigger lover.

  3. There's the blind spot preventing men from understanding this: Rhianna is (I suspect ) a violent thugette herself.

    I've cared for these women (medicine) ; they spit, slap, and curse us. Every bit of my experience states that Rhianna started it, that she's hit him before, and that she'll hit him again. Her own father appears thuggish.

    Men reflexively attribute kindness, purity, and positive qualities to attractive women, and could not consider that she is a thug herself.

  4. Easy, half of all domestic violence would stop if it was declared ok for a man to hit a woman who attacked him. This is because 50%+ of all domestic violence is perpetrated by women and they feel like they can perpetrate it because they do not fear any retaliation.

    If it was declared that it was perfectly ok for a man to hit a woman who had struck him first I would think you would see a massive decline in domestic violence.

    My ex did all the usual stuff in the safe and secure knowledge I would not hit her back.

    Women perpetrate the vast majority of violence against men and children in the domestic yes, it is about time there was a discussion on how to stop these violence women from killing children and hitting men.

  5. "As long as girls reward thuggish behavior with sex, such violence will continue and increase."
    Dude, way off base. As long as the statutes say that a woman can kill a man and likely get away with it while a man cannot even walk away from an argument without being arrested and thrown in jail for DV we will see increases in the reported incidents of 'domestic violence'.

    Ty reading Cary Roberts or Erin Prizzy about just how violent women are and how biased the statues are. You sound like a good kid. Time to do some real research on domestic violence if you want to talk about it.

    Your argument is very anti-male and does not discuss the issue of female to male or female to child violence at all. And that represents the vast majority of domestic violence. Why do you choose to ignore the majority of DV and make out that it is only men that hit women?

  6. Perhaps he should have been brought before a death panel, instead of a jury:

    These panels are apparently real. And efficient.