Friday, September 11, 2009

The Personal is Not the Political

“The Personal is the Political” is a common phrase used by feminists. This slogan encapsulates the concept that everything in our personal life must be subjugated to ideological scrutiny. For example, sex, is considered to be a political act according to feminists.

Of course, such a notion is not new. In the Soviet Union the people were considered to be the property of the State. The concept of a personal life separate from ideology was not tolerated. As feminism is a bastard child of Marxism, we should not be surprised that such a radicalized concept should continue.

Today I saw yet another story in which the TSA violated the privacy and rights of an American citizen. Dave Davies was arrested and detained for five hours. What was his crime? One of the TSA agents found Arabic flashcards in his backpack. Davies is currently studying Arabic in school and he thought that the flashcards would be a good learning device.
When I read this story, my thoughts went to one of the greatest movies ever made – Doctor Zhivago. In the film, Zhivago struggles to maintain a personal life, including love, in revolutionary Russia. However, the State was a jealous master and did not want people to be concerned with the private and personal life.

The film made liberal use of symbols. For example, the frequent juxtaposition of white (snow) with red (blood) symbolized the civil war between the Communists (Reds) and those loyal to the Czar (White).

Zhivago’s love, Lara, was a personification of Russia. In many of the scenes Lara is associated with sunflowers. Sunflowers represented love and hope in the midst of ideological terror.

We now live under a quite similar ideological police state in the United States. A country that arrests students for possessing language flashcards is not a fee country. Is there a political answer? Or must we attempt to find our love and happiness outside of the view of the State?

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  1. the reasons why men should raise/father children seem to dwindle by the day.....