Friday, September 4, 2009

Should men breast feed in public?

Just when I thought the men in Sweden couldn’t become bigger pussies, they never fail to amaze me. It seems that in the effort for equality and to eliminate gender roles, Ragnar Bengtsson is pumping his breasts (while in class) in the hopes that he can generate milk for his baby. There is no word if Ragnar will also attempt to start having a monthly period.

Sweden is to Feminism as North Korea is to communism. Feminism has mastisized into an extreme and bizarre ideology in Sweden. I know of no other country that has gone so far down that rabbit hole.

Of course, the loony version of feminism in Sweden is not sustainable. The natives are not reproducing at a sustainable rate while a politically suicidal immigration policy is allowing Islam to colonize the nation. The irony is that within 50 years Islam will have eradicated feminism and the remaining natives will be under the thumb of a real patriarchy.

Below is another video about men breast feeding:


  1. I think men should breast feed and produce breast milk, get womb implants so that they can carry babies to term, and women should get penis and testicle graftings to produce sperm. Then we'll all be equal, right? Hooray!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how emasculated a man will become in an attempt to please a woman.

  3. Poor bastard....after a few years his wife will despise him for being such a pussy and she will kick him out and get a 'bad boy' who will more than likely rape any daughter and bash any boy....standard now for women to do this.

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