Friday, September 25, 2009


While I was traveling, I saw the movie Whiteout on the spur of the moment. The movie theater was near my hotel and Whiteout happened to be the movie that was showing at that time.

The movie felt like a bad made for TV movie. The acting, direction and story-line were a horrible mess. The only redeeming feature of the movie was that the lead actress, Kate Beckinsale, was pretty cute. The movie opened with a gratuitous scene in which Kate stripped for a shower. The scene added nothing to the plot, but I believe even the director realized that the movie sucked so much that SOMETHING interesting had to be shown.

Of course the movie had the usual Hollywood Politically Correct seal of approval.

- Strong, independent female character that can physically kick the ass of a 250 pound man (check)

- Evil villain is a straight white man (check)

- Funny Black character that is smart and saves the day (check)

The plot was woefully cliché and transparent. The acting was horrible bordering on comical. And I swear I edit my videos better than what was seen in this movie.

This is one of those movies that might be somewhat interesting at 3:00 A.M. if you are drunk. Otherwise, it is a total waste of time.

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