Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus - History's Kick Ass Alpha Male

During Columbus Day we now get the usual politically correct angst and gnashing of teeth concerning the evil of Columbus. The usual story now taught to children is that the natives of America were living in peace and harmony with Mother Earth until the evil White Man arrived and destroyed their idyllic paradise. And Columbus is now the convenient target for their hate.

An example of this revisionist history can be found at the link below. It seems that fourth grade school children in Pennsylvania put Columbus on a mock trial charging him with misrepresenting the Spanish crown and thievery. They found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison.

The irony is that Columbus was thrown into jail just eight years after discovering America. He was accused of crimes against the Spanish crown. Of course, these charges had nothing to do with the mistreatment of the native people. These charges were politically motivated by a Spanish rival. For there was much resentment and jealousy that one of Spain’s greatest explorers was actually an Italian. Rumors were even whispered that he was secretly a Jew.

Columbus was thrown into a small cell with his wrists and ankles shackled. He was 49 years old and nearly blind from years of squinting at sea. He was physically a broken man. Only his close relationship with Queen Isabella saved him from being hanged.

It is interesting that school children are taught to hate Columbus for being cruel to the native people. Such a morality concept is an anachronism. For during the time of Columbus, the native people were composed of various tribes that warred with each other. And in no sense did these people live some peaceful life in harmony with nature. The tribes would frequently kill rival males and rape their women. Cannibalism and human sacrifice was the norm. Yet, we never seem to see school children put these Indian tribes on trial for crimes against humanity. Only the White Man seems to be capable of being wicked and evil.

The real Columbus was something of a swashbuckler and a seducer of women. Based on contemporary accounts he was quite tall and had red hair. He was considered to be charming and handsome. The modern paintings of what Columbus look like are not based on historical accounts.

There is also fairly compelling evidence that Columbus was able to obtain funding for these voyages due to his very close relationship with Queen Isabella. Again, the contemporary accounts described Isabella as being quite beautiful with green eyes, red hair and fair skin. Her marriage to Ferdinand was arranged based on political concerns. It was rumored that she fell in love with Columbus’ charms.

Here is Columbus landing in the New World. A total kick ass guy totally unlike the groveling, pathetic males you now will find in Ivy League schools.

Here is the woman he seduced. She paid for his epic trips. Fucking cool.


  1. Let's not forget to thank Chris for discovering syphilis. omg awesome :P

    Nice blog though. Yes Italian men are extremely bold & do have a way with women. I'm around Italians constantly. Both men & women I've known have been strong, dominant. Sometimes to a fault.

    Hey aren't you reading on Scottish explorer David Livingstone - how is the book going? I admire Livingstone for being opposed to slavery. Kind of the opposite of Columbus though wasn't he?

  2. Yes, Livingstone was opposed to slavery. Although the only people still conducting the slave trade in Africa during his time was the Arabs and Africans. Typically an African tribe would catch and sell slaves to the Arabs. So it is interesting that it was not just White people who were involved in the slave trade. It was actually White people who pretty much ended slavery.

    Livingstone and Columbus both shared the same adventurous spirit. And they were both quite religious. Livingstone initially went to Africa as a missionary.

    Columbus was probably not opposed to slavery, but you have to remember that back in his day pretty much the whole world practiced slavery. For example, the native Indians had their own slaves they would capture from opposing tribes. Slavery was seen as something that was a natural condition.

  3. Ironically, Columbus Day is a case of Political Correctness and Identity Politics biting itself in the ass; without Italian (and to a lesser extent, general Catholic and some early Latino identity and "Pride" politicians and "activists")there would never have been a Columbus Day declared in the early 1970s; unfortunately, by the 1980s, Columbus was an invader and a colonizer due to the rise to influence of other groups.
    So now "progressive activists" have to try to mediate between the underclass client groups and some Latino and Italian (mostly Union) members of the "historic New Deal/Progressive coalition".

  4. The ethnic/Catholic support for Columbus was because Columbus could be used to show that the Catholics (and Latins, not Anglo-Saxons)arrived in the Western Hemisphere generations before the Pilgrims in New England.
    The Vikings' descendants were psyched to find "Vinland" at Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland; there are Welsh, Catalan, Portuguese, Arab, Chinese and west African groups that are trying to pre-Columbus Columbus.
    Identity politics and ethnic nonsense gone viral.