Friday, October 30, 2009

Do you need Diversity Training?

DiversityInc has put together an outstanding program on helping people avoid the minefield of dealing with people of other races and sexual orientations.

Click here to read “10 Things NEVER to Say to a Black Coworker.”

Click here to read “10 Things NEVER to Say to Latino Executives.”

Click here to read “Things NEVER to Say to Asian Coworkers.”

For some odd reason DiversityInc forgot to include "10 Things NEVER to say to a White Coworker." What a curious oversight! Anyway, as RAMZPAUL is always willing to help I have created some material to help people not to offend Whites.


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  2. Belated (Jan 2011) Comments For Your Sensitivity Class

    Best Dead Diverse White Singer:

    Best Live Diverse White Singer:

    Best Diverse White Dancing:

    Best Online Syllabus Teaching Sensitivity Toward The Diverse White American Peoples:

    Enjoy. Donald

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