Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GPS device keeps tabs on your kid

Below is a great device that helps you track people in real time. While it is advertised as a device to help track your children, it can also be a greats talking device.

Potentially, such a concept could also be used by the government to help keep us safe. If we put a GPS chip (smaller than a grain of rice) into every child, the government could locate them in an emergency. Everyone should have such a chip for the children’s sake.


Best Buy is selling a transmitting device that lets parents keep track of their children. Parents can place the device in a child's backpack or lunch box, for example.

The "Little Buddy Child Tracker" retails for $100 (far less than other devices that sell for $200 to $500). It combines global satellite positioning and cellular technology to signal the child's whereabouts to a computer or smartphone.

Parents can program the device to set up specific times and locations where the child is supposed to be -- in school or at home, for example -- and the device sends a text message if the child leaves the site in that time.

The device immediately drew angry writeups from some techies, who called it a reason for children to run away from home.

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