Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NFL Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

While watching the football games over the weekend, I noticed that the players were wearing pink gloves and pink shoes. This was in support of breast cancer funding and awareness. God knows we are all inundated with prostate cancer awareness commercials and funding campaigns, so it is nice to see that breast cancer is FINALLY getting some recognition.


Of course the real scandal is the amount funding target per type of cancer. Here are some funding numbers per cancer death for female related cancers:


cervix ($18,870
breast ($14,095)

Now funding per male cancer:

Prostate ($1,300)

Obviously it is outrageous and sexist that we spend any money on cancer research that will only benefit men. Hopefully the pink ribbon campaign will raise awareness of the need to spend more money on female related cancers. I am wearing a pink tie today to show that I CARE!

1 comment:

  1. That pink symbol evokes the same feelings that come when I see a swastika.

    Gosh things have gotten so bad!