Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods - Domestic Violence Victim

Itseems that Tiger Woods was a victim of domestic violence. His trophy wife (ugh… did she get ugly fast) chased him around with a golf club. Luckily she is a woman, otherwise she would have spent the night in jail.

Anyway, I decided to call for help on Tiger’s behalf. The web site below is a good one in case you are a victim of domestic violence.

Tiger – please note the “quick escape” button if your wife should catch you on this site.


1 comment:

  1. That you can do this with a straight face is high comedy!

    On a serious note, there is a problem reminiscent of the old south where whites could assault blacks with no fear of prosecution. The state failed in those instances, and the state of Florida fails here.

    Elin should be prosecuted as required by the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

    This is indicative of America's decline more so than the floundering economy.