Saturday, January 9, 2010

President Obama Names Transgender Appointee

Recently Obama appointed Amanda Simpson to be a Senior Technical Advisor to the Commerce Department. The White House crowed about this as being the first transgendered appointment. How progressive!

Transgendered is the new politically correct term for a sex change. Of course, biologically speaking, it is impossible for a man to change into a woman. In every cell of a man’s body is a Y chromosome. Mutilating a man’s penis and putting him in a frumpy dress does not transform him into a woman. No more than sticking feathers up your ass will make you a chicken.

So Amanda Simpson is a guy that runs around pretending to be a woman. Based on my libertarian sympathies, I really don’t care what sort of weird sexual perversions a guy is into. However, I do have a problem when the sexual perversion is waved as some sort of accomplishment that entitles someone preference to a government job.

In this article, Amanda claims that he fear being labeled as a token. This is somewhat ironic as Amanda is constantly bragging to the world how that he is so special because he mutilated his penis and dons a dress.

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  1. "Sexual perversion"

    From what little I've seen of your videos it seems like you say exactly what you want to say (without paying attention to political correctness), and that's generally fine, but in this case your preferred term is too simplistic and lends the impression that you're going off about a topic you haven't taken the time to understand. What is respectable about that?

    Why call it a "perversion" when it is presumably natural for the people who get them. I guarantee you these are people who, in their head, have always felt like the other sex. Natural is not always logical, and that's okay.

    For cripe's's a GOOD thing when people get to be what's natural for them. That's why people excel in professions that fit them. You can ignore that sex changes serve a purpose, by why? So you can mock?

    Furthermore, living as if you're the other sex doesn't entitle you to a job, no, but there is something admirable about being such a person. It means that you're committed to being genuine (genuine because they FEEL like the sex they imitate) and it also means that you're courageous.