Thursday, February 18, 2010

Women in Recovery

Here is a story that is another example of how sexual discrimination is deemed OK as long as it is directed towards men.

In Oklahoma it is deemed a tragedy that the state leads the nation in incarcerating women per capita. In response, the legislature has approved $500,000 to fund a non-prison alternative to non violent female offenders.

I am not opposed to keeping non-violent offenders out of jail. Our prisons are overflowing ever since the government has launched its misguided “war” on drugs. There is no reason that drug addicts should be sent to prison.

However, the question is why does Oklahoma think that such a program is good for women but not men? Per the official statistics, 87% of the prison population is composed of men (see chart below). It seems based on the data, the tax money would be better spent on men.

Of course, the unstated reason is that our society has a lower value of men than women. Men receive harsher prison sentences for the same crime, receive less health care funding and have a shorter life expectancy. But in our feminist society, this is deemed perfectly acceptable. You will notice that the mainstream media doesn’t even bother to ask the obvious question as to why men are excluded from such a program. It is just assumed that men do not matter.


  1. If you can't do the time then don't do the crime...
    ... or be female.

    That lawyer was a laugh. He wondered why "women hate other woman" (but not men who they send down in larger numbers). He wondered why judges and prosecutors would not cut females a break, but it never occurred that maybe some men might deserve a break as well.

    Along with "diversity," senseless chivalry is a major problem.

  2. There exist very good reasons for differential treatment of male and female drug addicts, men are orders of magnitude more likely to be violent and dangerous even when sober. I would feel much safer around female druggies than male. Granted, there is probably a racial difference too, so in the name of consequence they should take that into account as well.