Monday, February 15, 2010

Yellow Fever in Atlanta

Moving to tamp a controversy that has reached the national news, MARTA CEO Beverly Scott said Thursday afternoon that the transit agency would change the name of its “yellow” train line, which goes to Doraville, home to a large Asian-American community. The line will now be called "gold."


  1. Great stuff. It made me laugh.

    It would be a laugh to bring the entire diversity edifice down on itself with enough people complaining about various "offensive colors." I wonder does the Gold line actually go through a Jewish area. That would be a laugh.

    Taupe is the only possibly non-offensive color I can think of. We probably need help from the ladies here as they seem to know more color names than us guys.

  2. This cultural marxist crap only works in white countries. The real issue here is not even why do these non-whites go to the west and stir this crap up ONLY in white countries BUT what makes whites countries so vulnerable? I can hear the knee jerk reaction "jew" BUT ask a white person in the privacy of their own homes a question which counters the cultural marxist position and they will fight you to preserve the diversity philosophy. There's a problem with white people, it's like a racial mental illness and THAT is the cause of this madness. Everything else is a symptom. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be discussed but they are just symptoms of a racial mental illness which seems to only impair whites.

    1. I think the racial mental illness you refer to is really a combination of liberal elitism and upper class white supremacy inverted in and against itself. White liberals and liberals in general don't want to believe they're destroying anything, they want to believe they're moral crusaders bringing the world out of racially aware darkness. They want to believe this is the future of civilization (despite the fact that no one else is following) and that they're the ones leading the way.

      They'll never see western cultural malaise and nihilism as the effect of multiculturalism because it would destroy their newer sense of elitism that they worked so hard to build out of the old elitism.