Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flash Mobs and Hate at Walmart

Two interesting stories over the past week.

In Philly a flash mob composed of “youths” went on a rampage attacking businesses and people. Per the story:


“About 11 p.m. a 27-year-old woman was walking on South near 15th when a large group of male and female juveniles ganged up on her, kicking and punching her until she fell to the ground, where they continued to kick her in the face and head. She was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital”

So what was the response to this flash mob? Again, a quote from the story –

"Maybe the city should entertain kids to keep them from causing trouble."

Now for a serious crime. In a New Jersey Walmart, a 16 year old kid got on the intercom and made an announcement that Blacks needed to leave the store. Luckily the New Jersey police swarmed the scene and investigated this horrible crime. The kid was identified and arrested.


Office spokesman Bernie Weisenfeld said in the statement that its victim-witness unit has contacted the store's management, offering counseling services to anyone affected by the announcement. The county's Human Relations Commission was offering similar help.

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