Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care and Conservatives

While on a road trip last week, I had the privilege to listen to talk radio. Years ago I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh during my afternoon commute. At the time, his show was funny and pretty irreverent. He was not scared to skew the politically corrects gods.

Over the years I tuned talk radio out. I suppose that was mostly due to the advent of the Internet. After all, why should I just be a passive listener when the Internet allowed me to actually join the debate?

So when I heard Rush again after a hiatus of many years, I was disappointed to hear how dull and boring his show had become. Gone was the sparkle and irreverent wit. The wit was replaced with a tedious lecture of parliamentary procedures and a bemoaning of how those evil Democrats won’t follow the Constitution.

Below is a link from the conservative web site, It seems that the conservatives are declaring a “constitutional crisis” based on the fact that the Democrats are using a parliamentary procedure called the 'Slaughter Rule'. And, yes, these are the same conservatives that are just fine and dandy with the president conducting and initiating an unconstitutional war without congressional approval. The depth of hypocrisy is amazing.

What I find frustrating with Conservatives is that they will fuss and bitch about over a minor technical parliamentary point without looking at the greater social forces. Demographically America is changing based on birth rates and Third World immigration away from a traditional northern European concept of private property, liberty and individual justice.

Below is a link to a recent murder in Tulsa at a Chicken Hut. A man was shot down in cold blood while a crowd milled in a parking lot waiting to get chicken. Per the story:

“Restaurant patrons even shoved past emergency workers, stepping over the victim to get their food.”

What conservatives don’t (or are too frightened) to admit, is that the people that will gladly walk over a man bleeding to death for a bucket of chicken are the same people that typically have 8 or 9 illegitimate children. The people who follow the rules are create the wealth in America are lucky to have two children. The demographic trend spells the certain death of the traditional values of this nation. Yet all the Rush Limbaugh conservatives can do is bitch about the evil Democrats and some stupid parliamentary procedure.

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