Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nevada Woman Gets Life for Lewd Acts With Child

Here is a video of a woman who received a Life sentence because she allowed a 13 year old boy to touch her breasts. Under Nevada law, any lewd conduct with a child under the age of 14 receives an automatic Life sentence.

Obviously the sentence is crazy. However, many men are subject to such out of control laws without a peep of publicity. For example, if a man should get caught urinating in the woods, he could be arrested and forever labeled as a “sex offender”.

These crazy laws were passed based on a hysterical fear of child predators. Historically, true sexual predators were subject to extreme penalties. No new laws were necessary. But based on estrogen fueled hysteria reminiscent of the Salem witch hunts, draconian laws were introduced and legal protections for the accused were scrapped.


  1. I had always thought that Nevada was one of the more freer states. I wonder how this draconian law snuck it's way in. Not even China would punish this harshly.

  2. Nevada doesn't have (or didn't have) a problem with illegal criminal aliens flooding in for years but a kid touches a womans boob and it's life in prison? Madness. How many darkies murder and rape in that state I wonder, getting off with just a slap on the wrist? Who pays for this woman to spend the rest of her life in jail and how many rapes are committed in the name of democracy/imperialism overseas? Everyday I find new reasons to not only be ashamed of being an American but also white because that whole courtroom was filled with brother cannibal love...