Friday, May 14, 2010

Ask the White Guy: Is the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Offensive?

Luke Visconti is a founder of a company called DiversityInc. DiversityInc is an organization that helps corporations and government organizations toe the proper cultural Marxist ideological line.

A diversity consultant is similar in nature to that of the political commissar that was common in the Soviet Union. The function of the political commissar in the Soviet Union (and China) was spy on people and ferret out any politically incorrect thoughts. Those suspected of having “counter-revolutionary” thoughts were typically sent to concentration camps and executed. Millions of people were slaughtered in such a manner.

While people are not (yet) executed in the United States for having politically incorrect thoughts, a whole race hustling industry has sprouted to help enforce ideological conformance. DiversityInc is such an organization.

One of the services provided by DiversityInc is a column by Luke Visconti called “Ask the White Guy.” My guess is that the title of the column is an attempt at self-effacing humor. After all, it must be somewhat embarrassing for the leader of DiversityInc to be a member of an enemy class (White men).

The “Ask the White Guy” column is sort of a “Dear Abby” of political correctness. In the current column Luke Visconti lectures us on how it is wicked to use the term “illegal immigrant.”

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