Friday, May 21, 2010

Miss USA and Cross Dessing

It seems that companies in New York are required to allow their employees to dress in drag. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (son of former Governor Mario Cuomo) sued American Eagle to force them to allow their male employees to dress like girls. American Eagle employees were also subject to force re-education (aka sensitivity training).

While we were all excited (OMG!) to have a diverse Miss USA winner, I discovered that the Miss USA organization does not allow transgendered participants. This is in clear violation of New York law.

With Andrew’s help I hope we can get transgendered USA contestants.

1 comment:

  1. THAT would be AWESOME....
    (Sarcasm intentional, even though I _AM_ TG. The stupidity of things is STILL mind-boggling.)
    (OTOH, look up womanless beauty pageants, especially in Thailand, you'll see a few things that make you wonder. And speaking as someone who LOVES femininity, obviously TOO MUCH, I'm VERY disheartened to see that Transsexuals and transgenders are feminine, while genetic WOMEN throw a fit about being even SLIGHTLY feminine or effeminate. WTF?)