Friday, July 30, 2010

Fallin - The Face of Modern Conservatism

No, Mary Fallin is not a real estate agent, she just looks like one. Mary is actually a career politician from Oklahoma. I can find no evidence from her biography that she has ever had a real job. She married a dentist, had a couple of babies and then went into politics.

Her claim to fame was that she was Oklahoma’s first female Lieutenant Governor (OMG! How Progressive!) While she was Lieutenant Governor she had an affair with her state trooper bodyguard. The state trooper was forced to resign in disgrace, but Mary was unscathed. Once caught, Mary filed a divorce from her husband. There was a nasty custody battle. But, not surprisingly, Mary won custody.

As a congresswoman, Mary is active in the Congressional Women’s Caucus. This caucus works closely with Women’s Policy, Inc., a radical feminist organization. Mary was active as part of this women’s caucus to help form a policy that would help military women win custody during divorces. (As women pretty much always win custody, this is mostly academic. However, Mary pushed for guidelines that would allow military women to win custody even if they are mentally ill.)

So is Mary Fallin just a typical liberal Democrat? No, Mary is hailed as one of the new and exciting conservative leaders in the Republican Party.

Mary has received enthusiastic support from Evangelical Christians:

Received an award from the American Conservatives Union:

And is supported by leading Republicans such as Sarah Palin and Jeb Bush

Western Civilization will not survive with such “conservative” leaders. Time is growing short and darkness approaches. We need real leaders who are not ashamed of liberty.

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  1. In her defense, Fallin gets an A- on immigration control from Numbers USA. That alone is worth something. That doesn't mean she's a worthy standard-bearer; I don't know much about her.

    I agree that we need a lot more articulate conservative leaders who aren't the divorcin' type. Then I think of all the people out there like me: education, ideas, energy, spotless personal life ... intractably bad public speaking skills (believe me, I've tried), lackluster CV, shabby wardrobe....