Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mel Gibson and Hollywood

It seems that Mel Gibson’s wife secretly taped various phone conversations of him with the intent to commit blackmail. Reportedly she demanded millions of dollars from him else she threatened would release the private tapes. When Mel failed to pay the blackmail money, she released the tapes to a tabloid.

Holywood Villian: Mel Gibson with Wife
Said Naughty Things in a private call

What is interesting is how Hollywood is “SHOCKED” and “OUTRAGED” over Mel’s private comments. (One wonders how these same people wagging their fingers at Mel would like any of their private conversations broadcast to the world)

MTV’s Kara Warner laments that she could not possibly watch Mel Gibson movies after he said such naughty things. Kara writes:

“Instead of bashing Gibson, which is really what he deserves, I'm putting the question to you, the readers. What are your thoughts on this recent turn of events?”

Her statement is then followed by a hilariously biased poll that looks like it should be on The Onion as satire. Your choices in the poll (next to a picture of Mel that makes him look insane) basically allows you to choose the level of his wickedness. The poll just assumes that you MUST find his comments hateful and shocking.

While Hollywood is OUTRAGED over the naughty words of Gibson made in private, for some strange reason they lack the same outrage for convicted child rapist Roman Polanski. In fact, the leading powers in Hollywood (such as Woody Allen, Asia Argento, Martin Scorcese, etc.) have signed a petition demanding his release from Swiss custody.

Hollywood Hero: Roman Polanski
Drugged and Raped a 13 year old girl


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  3. Great video so funny, love your acting.

    The world is so upside down. Polanski free without punishment for anal baby rape & Mel condemned to never work again for saying loud angry words to a grown woman? lol please.

    Good luck to you on your sub issues. I don't think a fag can be a homophobe so I'll stand up for you heh :D

    (ps. new blog is nice! makes my eyes go ahhhh)