Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eat, Pray and Love - A Movie Review

Eat, Pray and Love is a book and a movie that celebrates some middle-age White woman as she runs off and travels the world for a year while engaging in pseudo spiritual bullshit. In reality she just stuffed her face, drank and fucked around for a year while pretending to be some sort of enlightened humanitarian. Feminists love this movie claiming that is “empowering.” (This begs the question - Is there ANYTHING women do that is not empowering?)

An Empowered Woman 

In interest in gender equality, I thought it might be fun to create a similar movie that would appeal to me. My guess is that the feminists who find Eat, Pray and Love empowering would be the first to scream like banshees at the wickedness of my movie. Just a wild guess.

An Empowered Man


  1. Funny video! Please post preview of the Brad Pitt nude scene. For the purpose of art of course.

    I'm a little confused at how anything changed for this woman. She starts out having sex with 2 guys, decides to give up men FOREVAR (8 whole months omg so drastic) replaces dicks with gobs of food, ends the year going back to fucking some guy. How is this... new? Besides she is fatter?

    Today I've learned 2 things...

    1. If you put food and a vagina in your book Oprah will give you a gold star.

    2. You own a pimp hat.

  2. haha... funniest comment evar!

  3. Well now for some good news.

    Just separated from her husband and awaiting results from the bar exam, Irina Shekhets flew to Nepal on a spiritual journey, hoping to clear her head and find a “new beginning,” said a friend.

    Instead, Shekhets met with tragedy Tuesday aboard a rickety Nepalese turbo-prop aircraft that came apart in the sky, killing her and 13 others.

    Shekhets, 30, of Fair Lawn, NJ, was about to start a hiking trip to Mount Everest base camp when the 15-seat twin-engine Agni Air plane went down about 50 miles south of Kathmandu. No one survived.

    “She was a free spirit. She had a lot of energy and wanted to enjoy life,” said Irina Kogan, 32, of Brooklyn.

    Irina Shekhets
    Her story sounds like the plot of the new Julia Roberts movie “Eat, Pray, Love.”

    “She went to Nepal because she was looking for a spiritual experience,” said Kogan. “She wanted to clear her mind. She was looking for a new beginning. She was looking for meaning.”

    Shekhets’ grieving parents, Boris and Natyasha Shekhets, were on their way to Kathmandu last night to retrieve her remains.

    Her last Facebook update told of her eagerness to get on with her trip. “Finally, made it to Kathmandu, and now can’t seem to get out,” she wrote. “Waiting at airport for a flight to Lukla .¤.¤. Counting the minutes to the mountain.”

    Lukla is the jumping-off point for trekkers headed to the Nepal side of Mount Everest.

    Shekhets loved learning — her friends used to tease her: “When are you going to start medical school?”

    She was valedictorian of her Fair Lawn HS class, and graduated from Columbia University in 2002 and Brooklyn Law School this year.

    “She wanted to be everything, and she was. Everything she did, she was successful at,” said her sister, Mariana Shamis.

    “Every time I was in trouble I went to her. Everyone did,” said her sister as she choked back tears.

    “She was full of life. She always wanted to learn.”

    Shekhets was on leave from her job as an analyst for JP Morgan Chase. Friends said she wasn’t sure what kind of law she wanted to practice.

    “She enjoyed hiking, but this was the first trek she took,” said Felix Shamis, 38, her brother-in-law.

    “She was a beautiful person, both inside and outside,” said the brother-in-law, who was training with Shekhets for the New York City Marathon.

    The German-built aircraft developed mechanical trouble before it went down, said a report in The Times of India.

    Area residents reported hearing a a loud explosion before the aircraft went down in a remote area. It was several hours before Nepalese soldiers and police reached the crash scene.

    The dead included Shekhets and three other American women, as well as three other foreigners. The rest of the victims were Nepalese, including the pilot, co-pilot and flight attendant.

  4. This was my review of the movie, at least the one I wish I had written while refusing to watch the movie.

    Death to... whatever