Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is sex with 5,000 men empowering?

One of the results of Feminism (a subset of Cultural Marxism) has been the obliteration of sexual restraint on women. Previously, Western Civilization enforced monogamy through various legal, religious and social pressures. As these restrictions have been removed, we are regressing back to the jungle in which women have multiple sexual partners with a small subset of the male population. In primitive societies this results in the harem. In such an arrangement the top 20% of the males sexually monopolize 80% of the females.

We have seen such behavior for years in the inner city in which women have multiple “baby daddies”. If you should visit a city such as Detroit, you will have a hard time finding a woman who has multiple children from the same father. What is interesting about these arrangements is that the biological fathers tend to be a small subset of the male population within the city. We find that 80% of these women share the 20% of the men in an unofficial polygamous arrangement.

The problem with such a polygamous arrangement is that 80% of the men are left out of the sexual marketplace. And such men tend to be violent and unlikely to be productive members of society. This is the situation that you can find in most primitive countries in Africa.

Civilization is the processed of restricting female sexuality to encourage monogamy and stable families. Without civilization we end up with a host of single mothers creating dysfunctional kids. The girls end up slutty and the guys become violent and unproductive. Civilization breaks and we return to the primitive jungle.

This process is well under way in Britain. In this article, Shelly Tomes, 31, admits to having more that 50 sexual partners. Based on the picture, Shelly is obese and looks to be closer to 50 than her real age of 31. And, yet, such a woman was still easily able to find 50 random men to fuck her. Shelly is a walking (or lumbering) example of the sexual differences between men and women. As women are sexually hypergamous, it is unlikely that a fat and ugly man could have 50 sexual partners. But as men tend to be willing to fuck ANYTHING, a fat and ugly woman can easily obtain sex if she should be willing to lower her standards.

31 years old and 50+ guys


As such, it is not a great accomplishment for a woman to find many sexual partners. It does not mean that men find such women to be pretty, attractive or loveable, only easy. So while such women now lack any sense of shame and brag about being “empowered”, most men just think it is gross, like being a public urinal.

Here is another link of a lovely British girl who brags about having sex with 5,000 men.


Contrast the proud-to-be-an-empowered-slut to this girl. Nellie Wong claims to be a virgin. And no matter her race, the average guy could MUCH easily fall in love and want to have a family with a Nellie versus all the other British sluts.


If civilization is to survive we must stop celebrating slutty behavior. White British girls should be wives and mothers, not public urinals.


  1. The issue with the whole 20 percent 80 percent thing is that it's not pragmatic at all. Where are these 80 percent who guys who aren't fucking? I know that women are most attracted to the 20, but where are the 80 percent that are so sexually deprived that they can't function in society? This is also an argument that happens to be used by people who can't get laid and want to blame society, which takes away from it a lot. Not to say that's your motive at all, though.

    I agree with the sentiment in the article and I'm against slut empowerment 100 percent, but it just seems a little iffy. Also, nobody takes that megaslut seriously, or the fatty. Most women diddle around but realize that when they get to that point no one will love them.

    Also, I'm a young man and you're old so I my priorities are different than yours. I couldn't give a damn about raising a family.

    1. The point in the article is this 20/80 rule is what's observed pan-culturally and across different versions of society, from Africa to the ghettos of England. I can't see how reason would conclude "that happens to be used by people who can't get laid and want to blame society," especially since how does one investigate that claim without data? What a waste of a comment.

  2. My view on the whole thing is that we should just work with women the way they are as opposed to looking at the past. Just being honest, I love sluts and as a man I'd want to nail as much as I can. I'd prefer to do that than take some moral stance against women who like to give up pussy frequently. When the right woman comes around she will, but our sexuality is unchained too. Why not take advantage? It doens't even seem natural for me to even care about women being mothers or whatever, but I think it's because also you're an older man, but I still wouldn't care later on because of my personality.

    There's also the cynical belief that all women have done many slutty things anyway (because they can ) , so there's no reason to have a virginity obsession because they'd never tell you knowing how most guys are.You'll never be satisfied with a girl's history. Not saying that I'd want to marry a girl who banged 5,000, but with the way things are, I'd rather be with a girl who's honest so I can know what to expect. It doesn't matter though because I'd assume. I'd also try to bang as much broads as I can so I'm not jealous. I'm not cynical about all of this at all ( okay I kinda am ), I just accept society for what it is and then live in it.

    I'm a Gen Yer, btw.

  3. Nice comment.

    We have to make a distinction between “IS” and “OUGHT”. A healthy society OUGHT not to permit such promiscuous behavior. History has shown us that such civilizations quickly crumble. However, that IS our current situation.

    As such, as a young guy in the top 20% (such as yourself) it is probably rational to take advantage of the easy sex. Just protect your financial (don’t get a girl pregnant) and physical health (don’t get a disease).

  4. To answer the question, yes, it is empowering to females. I don't see any downside whatsoever, unless it's a std. Other than that, I certainly don't see the negatives from the female point of view. What are they? If anyone can answer that question, though keep in mind that the personal opionions of total strangers 3000 miles away sitting behind computer screens don't mean nothing. In this case, how is this woman damaged? Who even knows who she is? She could move 500 miles away, start anew as a born again virgin--if she ever wanted to settle down--and no one would be the wiser.

    I'm still amazed at how naive we men are on this subject. Sex is from where females derive their power. If males weren't sexually attracted to females, we'd have very little use for them, and they'd have no means of control (power) over us. She had sexual control of over 5000 men from which she likely received cash, food, travel, networking, jobs, housing, advice, friendship, et al. She won big!

  5. I'd call a man being able to have sex with multiple women without being judged a harem, sweetheart. Prizing virginity is absolutely barbaric. This is "slut shaming," and it's fairly obvious that an empowered woman just scares you!!

    And no, being empowered does not inherently mean having sex with 50 guys. What it does mean is having the freedom to explore your own sexuality and make decisions yourself.

    And hold the phones!! You simply advise this anonymous top 20% Gen Y-er to wrap the rascal? I smell a double standard ...

  6. Dear God. Is that Asian woman your idea of "lovely?" Or, does your beauty standard have only two requirements: thinness and virginity? Just look at her face. Squinty little eyes that would look like little lines if not for the makeup, flat and ancestral-looking nose and facial planes, broad shoulders and shapeless body. The only thing feminine about her is the dress. Sure, the White woman in the picture above looks gross, but if she dropped the pounds, she'd look great and have a feminine hourglass figure to boot. Now, just imagine what that Asian would look like if she was as fat as the White woman . . . uhh! I certainly could not fall in love with her (fat or thin), much less introduce her genes into my family line! I like the large blue & green eyes, fine facial features, and auburn hair that runs in my family, and nothing would destroy those faster than Asiatic genes . . . or black genes.

    I don't know the stats in England on this, but in the USA, Asian women have higher STD rates than White women (10.4% vs 7.7%).


    It's because of all the "test drives" they give out in their desperation to snag a White male.

    BTW, obesity levels are going up in Asian countries (particularly China) as a side-effect of decreasing poverty. Moreover, it appears that the obesity level of American Asian women (those born and raised in the US) might actually be slightly higher than that of American White women; you see more fat White women than fat Asian women in America simply because there are many more Whites than Asians in this country. It would make sense if Asians are more predisposed to obesity than Whites since Asians, especially East Asians, are known for having low metabolism.

    American white (30.8%), Asian-American (31.9%), African-American (38.2%), Puerto Rican (40.2%). Reference: Wang, J., Thornton, J. C., Burastero, S., Shen, J., Tanenbaum, S., Heymsfield, S. B., and Pierson, R. N., Jr., Comparisons for body mass index and body fat percent among Puerto Ricans, blacks, whites and Asians living in the New York City area, Obes Res, 4, 377 (1996).

    So, if you want a woman that is virginal, lovely, and guaranteed to be thin, I'd rethink that yellow fever.

  7. Having sex with multiple men might give you different diseases. I really don't think it's a good idea.

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  8. The con of empowned women is that their vaginas turn into black holes. Not f-able.

  9. I think the problem comes down to balance. Unfortunately socitey rarely aspires to balance and instead moves to one extreme to the other and back again.

    We need to meet in the middle. Family life can be still honered and be a worthy goal, but the same time we shoulden't pressure woman into feeling that they have no choice in the matter. Likewise we could let woman mate with more than one partner if she so desires, but stress that fucking with everyone you meet is not a good idea, at least limit it to people who can respect you and is responsible.

  10. Feminism, or Cultural Marxism, is supposedly about 'empowering women' but actually is about the exact opposite - disempowering and controlling women.

    See, this is how it works: Women have control of their individual body, or in other words have consent, to sex, something men desire. Men offer stability, and material support in exchange for consent, or so the old social paradigm goes. So in this manner marriage, or romantic coupling is a lot, to some degree, similar to legal prostitution (although few people readily admit this - the subject tends to make society uncomfortable).

    Now, the value of something is correlated (don't give me that correlation does not imply causation nonsense) to demand versus supply. Where something is scarce it is more valuable. Where something is in demand, it is more valuable. But where something is both in high demand AND scarce, it is extremely valuable according to the market.

    Therefore the consent of women is very valuable according to the market.

    By undermining social norms, and promoting polygamy, the value of celibacy is reduced, thus dis-empowering women with one of the key assets they use to secure a materially capable partner.
    Which explains why women have a tendency to slut shame...in a group of ten women, one slut reduces the value of consent from EACH women.

    ..It helps when you look at things from a purely economic perspective...unless your trying to pick up a girlfriend -- then it can be a turn off, lol.

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