Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reality Mugs a Liberal

Ken Foster, a White Liberal commentator for Salon.Com, was mugged in New Orleans a year ago. It seems that he was hit from behind with a two-by-four and knocked to the ground. At that point he was robbed of his iPhone. Ken suffered ear damaged that resulted in a loss of hearing and required surgery.

Ken wrote a piece for in which he lamented the return of the criminal element to New Orleans.

Some people took him to task for not mentioning the obvious – he was attacked by a group of African Americans. Had the races been reversed this incident would have resulted in non-stop national news reports screaming in outrage. But since he is White, the police didn’t even bother to investigate the crime.

Of course, the mention of race caused poor Ken to recoil in horror. It simply MUST NOT BE ADMITTED that the vast majority of interracial crime is that of African-Americans attacking Whites. To mention such unseemly facts could risk one to being called a “racist.” And being called a “racist” is the equivalent of being called a “counter revolutionary” in Soviet Russia. And liberals prefer to live in their make believe land of equality. Not even a two-by-four to the head can shake their religious devotion to Cultural Marxism.

Per his Blog, Ken did erect some “Crime Happened Here” signs. And he walked in an anti-violence march. I am sure THAT will teach those street thugs!

Some dude not named Ken Foster dealing with New Orleans violence

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