Friday, October 22, 2010

A Diversity Wonderland

WASHINGTON (AP) - Ousted NPR analyst Juan Williams said Friday that he believes his former employer had been looking for a reason to fire him and used comments he made this week about Muslim airline passengers as an excuse to do so. Meanwhile, a U.S. senator said he would start the ball rolling to cut federal funding to the network.

First Hispanic-American Rick Sanchez was fired by CNN for suggesting that John Stewart’s ethnic group is not exactly oppressed. And now African-American Juan Williams is fired for admitting that he gets nervous seeing Muslims board a plane. Ahhhh… the joys of Diversity Wonderland.

It seems that our media overlords are not tolerant of free speech.  You can have Liberty or you can have Diversity. The two concepts are mutually exclusive.


  1. Call the game 'New World Order"... :-)

  2. You've come up trumps with this one, Paul. Lol!

    Hey, you gotta work on developing a card that will trump the witch, mate ;)

  3. FANTASTIC!..........Sadly, I'd imagine the 'Finns' will not tolerate dissent......Make the game, I'll take 10 !!!! B