Friday, October 8, 2010

Nationalism Versus Globalism

A recent gallop poll shows that Obama approval rating among blacks, 91 percent; among whites, 36 percent.

African-Americans overwhelming support Obama because he is one of them. And it is natural and good for people to support their own people. It is an innate desire of most of mankind to have self-determination. Self-determination allows an ethnic group or culture to determine its own direction and create a society that holds the values that are common amongst a people. Throughout history, this desire of self-determination has been realized through the creation of nations.

However, countries are only stable and successful if the people share common bonds. Diversity in a country creates strife and tension. Despite the Globalist propaganda, diversity within a country is not a strength.

From a global perspective, nations and borders actually help to maintain diversity in a peaceful manner. Groups of people are allowed to thrive in countries that are not at odds with their nature. Imagine an African-American nation without a significant amount of White people. In such a country, it would be impossible for Whites to oppress Blacks. The fear of racism (real or imagined) would dissipate as all sectors of the government, business and education would be only Black.


  1. "Diversity in a country creates strife and tension."

    This is something I had suspected for a long time but only now have I heard another person speak my thoughts.

    I came to this realization by living in Japan. The population is nearly homogeneous and I never witnessed any major issues of racial or ethnic strife. It is in my opinion that without the tensions that come with diversity they are able to maintain a very peaceful society.
    This concept of homogeneity is also borne out in their concept of uchi-soto. I saw the solidarity of the Japanese people as a great strength during my time there and something that people who promulgate diversity should take note of.

  2. Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

  3. I agree BUT it is through this strife and tension that we learn acceptance of others and ultimately increase our ability to LOVE in a greater capacity and in that regard achieve true progress.