Friday, December 10, 2010

Football and Diversity

The head coach of the Denver Broncos (my favorite team) was fired this week.  Eric Studesville who is African-American was named his replacement. This is a HUGE hire for the cause of Diversity Is Our Strength©. For many years Cultural Marxists have lamented that TOO MANY head coaches have been White.

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  1. You see, that is not diversity. How many of those 64 African American football players, are openly gay? That is what I thought... not diverse enough.

    If you think football is bad, then you should take a look at the nuclear physics field, in America. The entire field is made up of Anglos and Asians. Now that is not diversity, but I have a solution. We will take out "affirmative action guide book", and hire African American construction workers to run our nuclear power facilities. I think that would work out well.