Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kids Love the TSA

While driving across the American heartland before Thanksgiving, I scanned the radio to listen to various stations. During the newsbreaks all of the news broadcasts led with the story concerning the TSA protests. What was fascinating was how that each station pretty much had the exact same talking points. The spin was that the TSA protests were organized by “extremists” and that all true Americans appreciated the fine job the TSA performs at our airports. There was no serious discussion concerning civil liberties and individual rights. For a moment I thought I was in the old Soviet Union listening to Pravda praise the glorious accomplishments of the Communist Party.

One particular story caught my attention. It seems that a couple of young girls made a sign that thanked the TSA for keeping them safe. As a father, I found this to be rather odd. Most young girls are really not interested in making political statements. But somehow this story made the national news.

Did the TSA agents call the media? Did the girls’ father call the media?

Below is a picture of the sign supposedly made by the girls. Most girls that age would make a poster with plenty of color and sparkle. This sign looks like it was written by a 40 year old man.

Whatever the case, the TSA (and media) was quick to use this picture as part of their propaganda campaign.

It was reminiscent of how the Soviets used such propaganda with Stalin. The picture below was quite famous in the Soviet Union. At the time most people had no idea that the girl’s father was later executed by Stalin as being a counter-revolutionary.

So it goes.

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  1. Children carrying signs should be enough for anyone. Uncle Joe would approve of freedom fondles. It's for the children.