Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Social Justice is Not Funny

Who says Cultural Marxists aren’t funny?

“A group of sociologists did a poll in Arizona about the new immigration law. Sixty percent said they were in favor, and 40 percent said, ‘No hablo English.’”

That joke in class has Robert Engler, a 12-year sociology professor at Roosevelt University, fighting for his career.

It elicited two written complaints in the spring of 2010 as ethnically offensive, and what followed was a protracted argument that eventually included the termination of his employment from the fall semester.



  1. An ugly fat black lesbian walked into a bar and said "Ola". The bartender asked "Is this a joke?"

  2. seriously; how can anyone be offended by that?

    I love the labels Humor / Marxism on the same shelf ..good stuff