Tuesday, January 25, 2011

White Noise

Whoopi Goldberg is producing an “edgy” and “provocative” musical about the danger of mainstream White Supremacists bands. Her friends at the SPLC agree that this is another reason we should scrap the Bill of Rights.


Here's how the producers characterize the work: "White Noise is a provocative new rock musical that follows a pair of sisters who are discovered by a powerful record producer, and groomed into a well-packaged rock/pop band, which mixes irresistible harmonies with coded rhetoric into chart-blazing hits. Inspired by real life, White Noise fuses today's headlines and blogs into a cautionary tale that challenges conventional notions of free speech, media and the power of pop culture."

Here is the web site of the “edgy” and “provocative” musical. The web site will help increase your “awareness”. (No, this is a real web site. In is not part of The Onion.)



  1. I've enjoyed your style for some time. Unfortunately the "open minded" "progessive" society is so riddled with mindless self pleasuring and blind allowance and promotion of self contradicting ideologies, that people such as yourself, and many others, don't enjoy the same level of "equallity" and "freedom of expression" and "right to live free from descrimination regardless of differences" that the rest of so called civilized society seems privileged to enjoy.

    You've been at this for some time now. There are others who have already been imprisoned or worse for attempting to "fight the system" or go against the hordes of the "status quo". It seems inevitable that it's only a matter of time before the true "haters" (predictably of course in the name of love) display thier hatred and exercise thier seemingly unlimited political and legal power to silence you, one way or another.

    May that day never come. But if it does, know this, there are those who whether of same or similar mind, or not, heard your voice and agreed absolutely that you had every right as a living thinking being to have hold and express your thoughts, no matter who doesn't like it.

  2. Our members at RD enjoy your writing because you use humor and because you use the techniques we promote in cases like this, namely the use of the cruel tools of deconstruction and close reading.

    We are somewhat circumscribed in attackbacks in this way: To enhance the value of the attackback, it is essential to attack the person (see Alinsky) and not their demographic.

    It feels unfair that all the diverse white American peoples can be attacked as a group, but that attacking the demographic of the attacker brings the world crashing down on our heads.

    However, the speaker who does the attack is fair game and can be ridiculed, analyzed, mocked, and insulted right up to the edge of libel...and we have to do this. Sarcasm is great, it has brought down kingdoms and emperors.