Friday, February 4, 2011

And the War against the First Amendment Continues

And the War on the First Amendment continues. Mainstream conservative leaders are silent hoping they won’t be next. Good luck with that guys.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The editor of the American Renaissance magazine stood in front of the Government Center in uptown to ask two Charlotte city council members for an apology.

The AR had reserved more than 100 rooms for two nights at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel off of Interstate 85. The AR wanted to hold its semi-annual conference at the hotel. Last week the hotel canceled the group’s reservations and refunded its deposits.

Jared Taylor said he wants apologies from City Council member Warren Turner and Mayor Pro-tem Patrick Cannon because they worked to keep his group from holding its convention in Charlotte.

"I'm shocked I'm astonished the idea that an elected city council member, the second highest in this city should try to out pressure or imply pressure to chase business away just because he disagree with us,” Taylor said. “Really, really, that's bad behavior."

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  1. Hebruary is black history month. The rest of the year is Jew World Daily. Your rant shows how easy it is for someone like Limbaugh to pretend to be an American.