Monday, February 7, 2011

Chris Matthews Slams 'Older White People'

Appearing on MSNBC, Monday, to promote his new special on Barack Obama, Chris Matthews attacked "older white people" for still holding bigoted feelings against the first African American President.

Lavishing praise on younger Americans, he added, "And I think that's a generalization and I'll stick with it. I think younger people do not see race as an obstacle." He then touted the "non-judgmental" attitude of Obama voters, fawning, "In fact, they say [race is] irrelevant and don't even notice it, whereas older people notice it all the time."

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  1. Regarding "old white guys," Resisting Defamation has included that hate phrase in its discussion of caricatures. You may see the caricatures page in our syllabus at:


    We are also reclaiming the word diversity. The white American peoples are remarkably diverse within their own demographic, and we want that recognized.

    We don't usually get in the reclaiming word biz, but white people provide the very model of diversity and the charge that we are all alike is one of the ways we are defamed.

    Then-Senator Obama even casually referred to "a typical white person" during his presidential campaign which perfectly encapsulated the slur that we are opposed to.


    We've been having fun with "gringo" over the past two or three days and, if you like, you can see the humor in three postings at:

    Just scroll down to the comments titled, "Those Gringos," "Dexter Rutecki," and "Tres Gringos."

  2. Great video overall. One thing I disagree with in your claim that nobody criticizes Asian countries for only having one race/ethnicity. These countries are often referred to as 'racist' and Asians as 'the most racist race' for precisely this reason. Therefore I think this argument is not very effective.

    The true hypocrisy of anti-racism lies in it's tacit acceptance of racism in Israel. But to deal with this requires taking on their obfuscation regarding whether Jews are a race. For example they say there are Jews of any race, but 1.75% of Jews in Israel are Black ( Not a tiny number but bear in mind that they have now stopped large-scale immigration from Africa, and that Israel is an expert in segregation, so they can probably keep the Black population segregated, and at no more that 1.75% of the population, indefinitely.

  3. Jews in general are NOT white. They are originally middle eastern semitic brown skinned people. The Askhenaz Jews are not even wholly European Jews to begin with, when in fact they are Eurasian. European or Askhenaz Jewry are descendents of ancient Khazarians, a central Asian tribe mixed with brown semitic Jewish blood which includes modern day Kazakastan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenstan, southern Ukraine and Kyrgistan.