Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lara Logan Sexually Assaulted

Note – I removed my original video on this subject. I did not remove my video based on any outside pressure, I just hated the video. I do these videos for my own amusement, and if I don’t like what I have created, I trash it.

This story is about a CBS reporter who was sexually assaulted while reporting on a mob in Egypt. Of course, she did not deserve to be assaulted. But it was pretty fucking stupid of her to be in a middle of a non-white mob. She probably started to believe her own bullshit that we are all the same and standing in a crowd of agitated Egyptian Muslims is no more dangerous than being a reporter in a predominately White crowd at an American Baptist convention. After all, TV always shows sexual predators as evil White Men. And to think otherwise would by RAYCISSSST.

And at the Mary Elizabeth Williams admonishes us in an article -””What not to say about Lara Logan”

“Here’s what you do say when something like this happens. Like countless women around the world, Lara Logan was attacked in the line of duty. She was assaulted doing her job. It was a crime of unspeakable violence. And your opinion of how she does that job, the religion her assailants share with a few million other people, or the color of her hair has nothing to do with it.”

Fuck you Mary. Race and religion had everything to do with this attack. And your perpetuating the politically correct myths is responsible for much of this crap. Next time a young girl might get killed because she believes your politically correct bullshit.

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  1. Interesting well thought out no nonsense Fuck You Mary in her face rhetoric...RamZpaul, glad to come across you...oh, and that Ayn Rand shit was fucking hilarious !!...keep it coming.. Peace from the NYC brother.